Become a Funded Trader Live Video Trading Chatroom

In the quest to become a profitable trader, many traders end up losing their savings.

And it sucks. It feels super deflating. You’re trying to make money and end up doing the exact opposite.

But that isn’t the only problem.

Yes… Eventually, the trader learns the ropes of trading and can be profitable.

But now they face a constant battle to build up enough capital to make their trading really count. I know this all too well, as this was my experience.

Thankfully, we live in a wonderful digital global village. Large proprietary trading firms are taking advantage of the internet and globalization, and offering traders all over the world the incredible opportunity to trade with large sums of capital.

I am a funded trader today. Yes, I also trade some of my own capital, but my main profit potential lies with my funded trading.

Trader Coaching

I have been teaching and helping traders for six years and have a personal trading career that spans more than a decade. But I’m more excited than ever to help traders today, here in 2021.


Well, I could never help traders to obtain capital. I could help them with everything else, including the five important trading topics to understand and master to become a successful (funded or otherwise) trader:

  1. Trading psychology (most important),
  2. Risk management (second most important),
  3. Chart reading and trend trading skills,
  4. A statistically viable and profitable trade exit strategy, and
  5. Trade entry strategies (yes, actually least important).

But now, due to the wonderful opportunities offered by international prop trading firms, I can help traders with one more thing — obtaining funding for their trading. And that is what my business and this offering here is all about.

The Become a Funded Trader Live Video Trading Chatroom

The Become a FUNDED Trader Chatroom

The Become a Funded Trader live video trading room gives me the opportunity to teach my members every trading day, on the market, live as I’m placing my trades. Inside the room, I offer the following:

  • Full transparency (you see my screen, as I’m trading, including the balances, profit, etc, in my main funded accounts).
  • The Become a Funded Trader Trade Record and Risk Calculator Excel Workbook, alone worth the cost of many months of subscription fees. This workbook will give you peace of mind, make you a better trader, and teach you as you trade. It has wise yet aggressive risk management built into every trade.
  • Complete and thorough trading guidelines for our proven day trading and swing trading approaches to help you become a funded trader fast, and stay funded indefinitely.
  • Daily live trading sessions in the trading room, showing you the trades I take, as I take them. You see my screen and my face and hear my voice as I trade and teach.
  • A mobile app for your phone that sends you trading alerts as I post them.
  • Daily teaching on all five important trading topics to understand and master to become a successful funded trader.
  • An online members area with your downloads and videos.

We trade and discuss the following markets:

  • NQ / MNQ Futures (Nasdaq),
  • ES / MES Futures (S&P 500),
  • RTY / M2K Futures (Russel 2000),
  • YM / MYM Futures (Dow Jones Industrial Average),
  • GC / MGC Futures or XAU USD (Gold),
  • CL / QG / MCL Futures (Oil),
  • EUR USD,
  • GBP USD,
  • USD JPY,
  • AUD USD,
  • NZD USD,
  • USD CHF, and
  • USD CAD.

I trade futures mostly intraday while trying to trade the forex pairs with a slightly longer intraweek or swing trading approach (although I am often in forex trades for only short periods of time).

The price is $149 per month, and once you are funded, you can recover this cost in a quick and deliberate 5-minute market move on one of the markets we trade, and then profit and learn for the rest of the month.

Will you join us and start trading your life instantly? As a sign-up bonus, you will receive my bonus report on How to Become a Forex Funded Trader in Less Than 24 Hours. Please note that it takes longer than that for futures trading, but you can literally start earning money later today after having read the report.

You can cancel your membership to the Become a Funded Trader Chatroom at any time, but you won’t want to!

See you on the inside,
Dries Cronje